Sometimes all you need is a near death experience to think a little clearer

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So Friday, May 17th started out as a pretty normal day… until I thought I was dying. As usual, too many pups reside here, and of those add on some 7 week old Lab mix babies that don’t need to grow up with us. Jenna and I were just finishing

Sadie “Gutterball” Has a New Home!

We are so thankful for great adopters! Here is the newest update we’ve received from Sadie’s new family: Sadie is doing very well in her new home. She had a great night last night and has not had an accident! Alex and I love her so much and cannot wait

Homemade Dog Treats!

Here’s to one of our new favorite things, homemade dog treats! Who says that your pooch can’t enjoy some of the same foods as you do with these Pumpkin Biscuits, YUM! Not to mention… Pumpkin is great for their stomach and digestion. So if you’re a fan of being in


Frost is recovering big time!

If you’re Happy and you know it, you should Adopt Frost! 🙂 left side was 43 days ago when we first took him in, the right side is today.

Lola’s Story

Lola is in her Forever home! This was officially the fastest adoption in Caring 4 Creatures History! This pocket pittie was brought up to adoptions directly from Hall County Animal Shelter Animals & Volunteers to adoptions at PetSmart yesterday and by the time her paws hit the floor she had a wonderful family interested

Meet Miso- Our Pet of The Week

Our Dog of the Week is MISO! He is just a puppy, we are thinking boxer/hound mix. He is the only one left of his litter. Miso is a typical puppy, he likes to play and sleep… a lot. If you are interested please contact us! Meet Mika & Miso!

How Humans Helped Dogs Evolve into ‘Man’s Best Friend’

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How Humans Helped Dogs Evolve into ‘Man’s Best Friend’ It has taken thousands of years for dogs to have evolved into today’s family pets and working companions. This article provides an overview of domestication and how human influence helped dogs evolve into specific breeds. Canidae Domestication Today’s domestic dogs or

Gentle Giant

Here is a momma cat guest post by her foster Andrea: Thank you for trying to help me find a forever home for Charlotte. Charlotte’s family (my neighbors), moved off and left her behind. It was about 5 months before I noticed her and she was skin and bones. I

Brulee’s Story

Meet Brulee. These are her before photos. This very sweet girl came to us in quite poor shape. You can see here that she is severely under weight (although she is eating well now!) and had terrible glaucoma in one eye. Sadly, the first part of Brulee’s journey even now