Hi Karen!

We just wanted to sing your praises about our newest family member, Sissy. She has been such a fabulous addition to our home. Thank you for listening to our needs, taking time to understand our current dynamics with gaining animals, and finding us a dog that is a perfect match! We are so appreciative of you and your love for God’s creatures. You were fabulous to work with and I highly recommend your rescue organization.

We love the new dog (whom we have affectionately named Sissy Prissy due to the cute way she swings her backside) that we did not want to leave her for Spring Break. So we actually renepted an RV and took her with us. We hope you enjoy this picture of sissy in the RV as much as we enjoy her presence in our lives.

Thank you again,
Erin and family

Written by Caring 4 Creatures, Inc.

C4C. began in 2008 from a dream to better the lives of animals and their people. We exist to rescue as many lonely, broken and needy souls as we possibly can.

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