Just spoke to Dr. Watson… He will sedate her one more time for a thorough cleaning and “look see” but it appears that all things have gone better for this girl than we could have hoped for.

I have identified a “medical foster” who lives far away but has agreed to help her through recovery.

Her future is bright and our thanks are not able to be expressed in mere words.

You don’t know what an encouragement this has been for me personally as Director of a small rescue who is tired all the time.

We will wait these next few weeks for an answer as to if she will need another surgery. In the meantime, more than enough has come in for her care and if another surgery is needed we will pursue dollars then to cover it.

Thanks again from the bottom of this humble heart.

If anyone knows of an suitable adopter, no matter where they are, please get in touch with me. Sylvia will be almost normal in her potty habits, but not completely.


Karen Stein Ragusa




Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!


2 Comments on "Sylvia"

  1. Terri Butler says:

    Update on Sylvia..she is handling her treatment with such class..She has learned to tell someone when she needs to potty..we keep her on a lead inside for now but she has a huge range of space in our living area and at nite she enjoys lying in my lap while I work on my homework, she has been such a blessing in our home. I hope the right person finds her, because she deserves to be spoiled and she gets along with anyone and loves our other dog, Roxie a chihuahua minpin mix. They took one day to adjust and now they play together like crazy..when I allow it, because Sylvia needs to rest..she only wears her collar now when I am not right with her and at night..she tolerates it well..she is thrilled when she doesnt have to wear it and all I need to say is Sylvia no lick and she knows..she is so super smart..and no leaks anymore..the wound looks nice and she is eating normally and also enjoyed her denta bone today..She has a new adorable pink harness and she loves loves loves stuff toys (stuffing removed of course).

  2. Terri Butler says:

    Sylvia has settled right I. She and my Roxie are making friends..full of energy and she is loved so much..She is learning already what to do for a potty break..She is learning all about kitties and super smart..I think she will be fine..She is cuddled up in her crate at my bedside with her new toy..Great little dog…

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