Owner Surrender Information: DO NOT CALL

First of all I want anyone reading this to know the basic place of frustration we in rescue operate in on a continuing basis. We are all overspent and overworked in an industry that is mostly ungrateful for the work that we do.

It is our belief that moving, getting married, getting divorced, changing jobs, having children, children growing up and moving out, and many other reasons people “surrender” their family pets, are not valid excuses for giving up a loyal family member.

We will not accept any pet that is not up to date on their shots and spayed or neutered, unless you choose to sponsor the pet and cover the medical costs.

Many of these animals that are thrown out like trash after spending time as a beloved family pet sit in shelters for many months and often years waiting on a forever home. They sit abandoned by their loved ones and wait for a second chance at life. So, before you “surrender” your pet ask your self if it’s really the last option.

In order for us to consider any pet as owner surrender we require that you follow the guidelines below.

Do not call!!!!

Contact us About an Owner Surrender

  • NOTE: You must enter a physical address of where the pet is located.
  • Caring 4 Creatures, Inc. takes on a huge expense for each animal that we take in as they remain with our rescue for an indefinate amount of time. You must contribute to the pet's re-homing in order to be considered for assistance.
  • By signing, I acknowledge that no commitment has been given by Caring 4 Creatures, Inc. Furthermore, Caring 4 Creatures, Inc. is not responsible to accept your pet in the re-homing process. We believe that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment and that surrendering a pet is not an adequate solution or decision. Caring 4 Creatures, Inc. can only assist a very small percentage of owner surrender cases. You may not receive a response from Caring 4 Creatures, Inc. if we are not able to assist you at this time.