Who’s blog is it anyway?

So this is Maximus’ blog right?

If so, why this picture and not his? Well, I had a thought.

Since Max is on the road to “recovery” and coming back to Georgia feeling just dandy; what better present to honor his new found peeing freedom than with the possibility of someone’s interest in him actually saving another life.

After all, this is ANOTHER black shelter dog. Just like Max was back in February: unwanted, sort of sickly, and not particularly glowing with positive traits.

As sweet as he was, Max was hurting and quite the busted up combination, walking gingerly and peeing (well actually dripping) as he went.

Compared to Maximus, this guy is in great shape!

So Max got up this morning and peed and peed right around 5:30 am . He can’t seem to stop going these days!

When Max woke up after taking a nap yesterday afternoon, he had a strange sensation. One that he forgot he could ever have again. It started out as an urge as he managed to get in that normal “Max” stance- the one he was so accustomed to posturing himself into before the surgery.

He leaned a little to the side and scooped his hip under just a little and looked like he stopped just shy sitting down, and then cocked his head and closed one eye; and oh what an amazing thing… instead of straining to pee out a wimpy little stream something kinda crazy happened!

Wow! How amazing- a blast of fluid, not a trickle like what’s left out of a hose once you turn the water off, but an all out stream like you use to wash your car, came rushing out.

He couldn’t believe it. Whoa, just to make sure it all really escaped, he took two steps and tried again, but nothing… and yet again… nothing.

He had, in fact, emptied his bladder. Holy cannoli… What an experience!

He couldn’t believe it. Each time he had to pee, he went through his three tries pattern again because that’s what it used to take to concentrate and strain so that the full feeling would leave for a little while, only to return in an hour; hour after hour, and repeat the three prong process.

But not yesterday, not after the long nap and that nice lady at the vet.

This is how Max would tell his story:

“I think her name was Dr. Berent. She helped to fix my pee pee. Wow, she can work on my pee pee anytime. I didn’t like what it felt like after some of the other doctors tried figuring out what was wrong with me, but now it feels great, and that Dr. Berent sure does know what she is doing. Thank goodness for Dr. Joe who recommended the doctors in New York so highly.

I think I am finally fixed. And thank you to all the nice people I heard Darryl and Karen talking about that made it possible for me to come all the way up to New York City just to have my happy life back. I didn’t think I could be happier, cuz even though it hurt to pee and I was always embarrassed when I went in my bed, I sure was happy at my foster mommy and daddy’s house cuz they knew I didn’t mean to dribble all over their house. And I was so much better than before when I was hurt and was at that awful Floyd County place where no one wanted to take me home cuz I was just another Georgia black dog that isn’t really special and you can’t really pick out one from another cuz we all look alike… well back to the story.

My other daddy drove me all the way here in a rented VW Bug and I had a lot of room to stretch out cuz he took the one seat and I took the other three! He made my bed nice and cozy with my things my foster mommy sent and stopped every hour or two, whenever I whined just a little when I felt a little uncomfortable. He stopped over and over again and never got mad that it was taking so long to get there with all of the potty stops.

It’s good we left Saturday night after Ms. Vickie & Mr. Ralph helped him get the rental car, because we might not have made my appointment on Monday morning at the Animal Medical Center of New York if we had left on Sunday like he had planned. God was helping him to think even though he was real tired.

I know I’m special cuz I keep hearing from all of the volunteers what a good boy I am and especially since Lyndsey came to visit me at my foster mommy’s right before we left and she rolled all over the floor with me. That sure made me feel good. But oh, now I feel so much better! Didn’t think I could. I already had the people at Village Vets that first found out about my fracture and Dr. Joe at Suwanee Animal Hospital who found out about that yucky stricture taking care of me real good. I think I must have seen Dr. Joe ten times and each time he gave me such a warm feeling because I could tell he really cared about me and was always so gentle. My friends over at Gwinnett Animal Hospital were wonderful also. Even though they did poke at me quite a bit, I always felt better afterward. I must be special.

But I’m also kinda sad. Because I know that dog that’s pictured above who’s at the animal control right now is as special as me. And he doesn’t have much time just like me. I heard he won’t be around much longer!

Sure he has a different story but he has the same dream…. to have people love him the way they have loved me. All of the people at Caring4Creatures, and so many more that have supported me getting better and having a future.

I want that for this other black dog and so many others.

I was worth saving. So is he.

People are so special to each one of us because if it wasn’t for the special people, you would never have known how truly special I am.. And now I’m even specialer, cuz Ms. Karen says I’m part racehorse. She says I must be because I pee like one now… Woo Hoo!

Thank you all and “God bless us everyone!”

Oh, and I almost forgot, I heard they were having some kind of party in Snellville at a place called Gary’s Bistro to celebrate me being able to pee! I don’t know if that’s a really good reason to have a party, but they say it is and if I can be there with all those people that think I’m so special, I guess it’s not up to me to decide if it’s a good reason.

So come on out and watch me pee (I think they’re even making a movie of it to go on Youtube). There’s even gonna be some food and drinks for everyone!”

Check back soon for more details on C4C’s event at Gary’s Bistro August 2, 6:00-9:00 pm

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!


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  1. Billye Lunsford says:

    Thank the Lord for Max and his good news! I am so happy for him. I’m so glad I got to meet the celebrity several weeks ago. Thank the Lord! Billye

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