Life goes on… and on… and on

  • Posted: September 19, 2011 
  • by Karen Ragusa   -  
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As the saying goes:

“People change, things go wrong.

Just remember life goes on.”

June brought with it a temporary move back to Milledgeville, GA; making this a full circle back to where C4C was first founded. Here we would have to wait and see if we would be awarded the PETCO grant which would allow C4C to move on to a property that would give the animals and people involved what is needed to truly live out our vision.

A long awaited request was denied and with that came disappointment but not a decision to quit.

We had to continue to focus on what we had already committed to… and not the least of these was Maximus.

We had also taken in 5 dogs off of a drug dealer’s property who were seriously in need. We had to fight for every resource to help save their lives and give these precious five a chance at a future. Again many stepped up and allowed that to happen.

As of August, all 5 have been adopted and are experiencing a life like they had never even dreamed of.  At the writing of this journal, plans are in motion to make a reunion celebration for these precious ones, their new families and those who stepped in to support the cause.

July brought a lost dog from our own pack. Boone, a sweet but timid husky mix who had been with us nearly six months and who had been adopted less than a month before.  The adopter was told to NEVER let him off leash and on July 4th, while they were away vacationing, they left him with a relative in Hapeville that took him out without a leash, and from there he has never been seen again.

Many sleepless nights with much effort and even sleeping in my car in that neighborhood have been a loss.  No sighting of him, not even a word of hope.

If you are reading this now please take heed of this HUGE word of caution, do not have pets out during times of fireworks and extreme sounds or circumstances.  Too many chances for disaster exist especially when paired with having dogs off leash.  I still think of Boone every week and it is now September. He was tagged AND chipped and neither have done any good in locating him.  I pray that he is OK.

July also brought us a successful surgery for Max and a new way to conquer adoption days- even with me being out of Atlanta.  Caring 4 Creatures would never been able to stay in business had it not been for our dedicated fosters who have stuck with their commitment to care for these animals, no matter how hard or inconvenient.  Because of them, at least 50 animals have been saved while this rescue has been in transition.  Some new volunteers came and older volunteers left, but in spite of it all our once little rescue continues to grow.

This has truly been a tumultuous time in my life.  I so understand the need to have a proper foundation and resources, but we are a true work in progress (and in transition). So we are again working with a very lean crew at the moment with hopes of rebuilding very soon stronger than ever before.


And so life will go on for our rescue. C4C will move forward. Where will life take us next?

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!

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