Foster Information


Thank you for being willing to serve!

You are a blessing to us and the canine world.

Fostering is a form of temporary housing for a dog. You provide a safe place to sleep, food and water, and love!

Being a dog foster “parent” is perfect for you if you love dogs and:

  1. Would like a dog in your household as a temporary companion
  2. Would like a companion for your current dog or dogs
  3. Would like to have a dog but aren’t sure you can commit long term
  4. Are a student who will move out of your apartment or rental house when you graduate and might not be able to keep a dog permanently
  5. Would like to “test drive” a dog to see if he/she fits into your family
  6. Haven’t had a dog in a while and aren’t sure you want to make a long-term commitment

The Program:

  • All dogs who are eligible for our foster program are current on their vaccinations
  • We will suggest a perfect match or matches for you based on your lifestyle and living arrangements, ….and of course you are free to pick a different dog
  • We will work on adopting out your foster dog, you are not responsible for finding a permanent home
  • We allow the return of any dog for any reason, no questions asked
  • You may choose to permanently adopt your foster dog but are not under obligation to do so
  • A weekend, a week, a month, or more is available; any time you can give is greatly appreciated

Dogs are loving creatures and appreciate ANY kindness they receive. They will always give you more love than we can possibly give them. We already know that if you are looking into being a foster, you are a loving person.

Please visit our Foster Application Page for more information. Thank you!!!