• Posted: July 18, 2011 
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* Max’s view from the Hilton, New York *

Darryl is now in the waiting room at AMCNY. As I write these words, we are eagerly awaiting the start of the procedure.

In addition to what is shown on Max’s ChipIn, C4C has received another $750 in donations as well as a $450 grant; which brings our “needed total” shown on the ChipIn page down $1,200!!!!

Max is scheduled to go into the operating room any minute now and he is expected to be out of surgery by 5:00 this evening.

Another blessing is that, if all goes well, Max will be released tonight so that Darryl and he can head back home! They will once again make the 15 hour pilgrimage, but this time back to Suwanee Animal Hospital where Max will be able to recover!

C4C can’t wait to meet the “brand new” MAX!

We have come so far! It is such a HUGE blessing to watch our community come together to save a life! All total, we have raised $1,845 so far, which is enough of a down payment to get Max admitted into surgery. However, we are standing on FAITH right now that the balance ($3,155) will come in donations before the week is done.

Look for many more MAX updates to come!

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!

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