April showers bring May… Moving??

  • Posted: September 16, 2011 
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It has been a while since I have had a true chance to reflect on the passing months. An update is overdue.

The month of May brought with it lots of saying “Good Bye”.

Good Bye to our home in Lawrenceville where our children grew up and where at least 300 dogs lived and then moved on into their forever homes.

Though some sad memories exist, we are fortunate to have mostly happy memories from those years.

After all was said and done at that house, the sadness of not saving them all seems to linger with me.  The kittens and pups that didn’t make it from parvo, distemper and URI’s.  The sleepless nights of holding onto mainly hope itself when little medical evidence of life remained.  But, surpassing the things that could be seen, every once in a while one animal would pull through. I remember Jackie O, who had the life return to her beautiful blue eyes and she started playing again as if she had never been sick.  Holding  a baby in the twilight of what might be death, over and over again is a hard thing to understand.  That is the real odds we face when taking  babies from high kill shelters.  So many diseases come with them. They don’t all survive… but when they do, our efforts (as much as their own) are SO WORTH IT!

Much thankfulness comes to mind even in these hard circumstances…. my daughter, Katie, helping me in the basement with pups with distemper (a thing I hope to God I will never see again in my lifetime). But how dear was the experience we shared in that grief and glory of letting go and celebrating newly found life together.

And the several in November that we lost when so many that cared came and held and medicated and dropper fed and cried and worked so hard to do “what we could” together.

I am so blessed to have so many people who care alongside me.

Debbie wrestled with kittens that were fighting for their life with me. She didn’t stop there…. she rode with me to the south side of Atlanta to pick up two dogs being discarded in the middle of the night. I will never forget the selfless, mightily uncomfortable and inconvenient acts that she has pushed through for this rescue.

And the man that Susan knew who brought medications over to try to help a helpless situation (I sadly don’t remember his name).

And then I remember a person who met up with another person to bring supplies when road conditions were too tough to even get out.  And when a person delivered oxygen under those same circumstances.

Far too many deeds to mention… but we said “Good Bye” to that place that held so many memories. Dogs that were too weak to stand and too sick to breathe (like Zach that made it!)  And dogs like Rocky who had a foot that had been caught in a trap and total strangers stepped up to pay for his surgery. I remember all of Rocky’s aftercare that Darryl and I did in the foyer of that dear house, because that was the only quiet spot in the whole place at that time. Many many bandages wee placed in that foyer room and the dining and living rooms as triage space.

The little chihuahua who was in our emergency care with an IV hanging from the dining room light fixture after he had been thrown from a balcony.

For some reason I am remembering the moments of those hard cases.

There were also many memories of laughter and enjoyment. Memories of the neighborhood kids coming over when we had puppies out in the yard in baby play pens with perfect weather.

Hundreds of dogs and cats were cradled there in that sweet place while they transitioned from fearful, homeless pets to well loved beings that were ready to start anew.

May brought packing boxes and new hopes of moving into a new place where we could finally do rescue right.  Picking a new board that would give me advice that would move us to the next level.  And hopefulness that more volunteers would dedicate themselves to the vision that we share as Caring4Creatures, Inc.

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!

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