Blessed with chickens

  • Posted: May 16, 2014 
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Some eighteen months ago, I sat on a sunny weekend afternoon outside and while watching the dogs romp around and journaling, I made a mental commitment to stay in touch with the universe. Regretfully it did not occur; but now… I sit here now finally willing to be devoted to sharing.

My organization, Caring4creatures, has suffered because of my lack of staying in touch. But God is always good and has filled in every gap of every need despite my disorder!

So many of you have blessed us, and I truly apologize for not keeping you abreast of our progress and growth that you have contributed to.

What makes it hardest to begin an endeavor like this is all of the things I want to catch up on but regrettably, I will never capture the kind of time it would take to go back over so many life changing details in the last six years of directing this ministry. Please accept this humble start of what I hope will add value to your life and bless you. And please be in touch, feel free to call me and visit our sweet refuge.

The rain last night was a six inch soaker and normally being chief caretaker and bowl washer of over 40 foster rescue dogs, that would mean a fairly sleepless night; but last night was an exception…

I was out at 1:00 am drenched to my bones, trying to ease all ten fowl into a dry unit.

The tarp system I had devised was rather impressive with all of its vertical and horizontal poles.

BUT, you see, I had tied many tarps together to make the roof system and when the downpour rested on that fragile system, it failed.

I love those chickens. And I don’t know quite why God in His infinite wisdom saw fit for me to add feathered friends into our meek but lovely refuge center, I just know that my connection to these babies is wonderful and special. The cubalaya hens don’t talk much, just coo sweetly and sometimes complain when really put out. They remind me of a “Ruth”…hanging back picking up the remnants of what the bolder friends leave in their wake. Their matching roosters are quite different. Especially Cogburn who loves to add dance to his normal “flap”.

My porcelain d’uccle, Sandy is the most glorious rooster, loving to show off his pearly white dressage whenever anything that resembles an audience is present.

My sweet d’anver pair, looking more like a quail descendent than a chicken really, are very different.

Both small in stature, Carmen, the female, is VERY timid and shy…Always the last to join in on a group adventure, but her mate, SanDiego, is large of heart. He crows louder than anyone in the house!

The take away that I had after spending almost two hours getting drenched inside their pen (the dollar store poncho didn’t really hold up), while holding a flashlight in my mouth….each one trusted me to gather them after only knowing me a month; reaching for each one, painfully stretching on my tippy toes, stretching up in to the dripping natural tree roost, carefully gripping their feet and caressing their wings; slipping them through a tiny opening of the covered cat condo turned chicken coup. But before that entry, each one was held gently and whispered into; God’s love and protection. And each received my words and gesture in a bizarrely connected fashion.

While all dogs and cats remained dry and content in the wonderful spaces God has provided all over the compound, God’s love poured out as the rain into each creature. I love that He has given me the privilege of watching over them all…but last night was a marker moment as I was ESPECIALLY PRIVILEGED to care for these trusting feathered souls. I am grateful.

Love you for loving them…


Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!

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