Mourning Into Dancing

Update for these dear 5 from Lawrenceville:

“Out of the ashes” of abuse and neglect, came 5, wearing only scars and numbers on their heads. Their names are now Barbie Dog, Manchester, Prescotte, T-Bone and Hollywood. They have all now been bathed and loved on. Caring4Creatures has Barbie-Dog aka Bobbie, our first little girl out of vetting, in a household and she is doing very well. The other four are in boarding at various kennels and getting vetted at this point in time, until we can get them relocated into proper fosters. They are all extremely scared, cut and bruised, but, considering their horrible mistreatment; they are at peace and in a safe environment and their health issues are being addressed.

The other 5 did not make it out, due to circumstances out of our control. This was a hard fight and a very heartbreaking experience for us – however, because of all of you and your efforts and donations, 5 are safe and at peace and this horrible experience for them has come to an end.

Because of their unsocialized behavior, it will cost us a great deal, to care for them until they can be rehabilitated, so, please keep your donations coming. We are still lacking around $600 of the original goal amount of $350 per dog but, knowing the chance that another might be stolen or beaten while waiting on the donations to come in, we went ahead and got them off the property with the assistance of Gwinnett County Animal Control on Saturday morning. Your cross posting, word of mouth connections and prayers are invaluable to these VIP God (Dog) creatures.

Thank you to everyone for your love, caring and attention to our babies in great need. We all did a good job together. Blessings to all.

Mourning into Dancing….Psalm 30:11

“You turned my wailing into dancing;

you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy”

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!


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  1. Julia Buie says:

    Karen I am so extremely proud of you and what you did for these pit bulls. They are by far my favorite breed for so many reasons and there is hardly anyone out there still willing to rescue them, adopt or even foster them. I have never met or seen a pit bull that I thought was less then beautiful. I, and so many others are so thankful for what you did to help this breed in need. I love you and give you all of my hugs and kisses.

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