Hi Karen! We just wanted to sing your praises about our newest family member, Sissy. She has been such a fabulous addition to our home. Thank you for listening to our needs, taking time to understand our current dynamics with gaining animals, and finding us a dog that is a

Dogs in hot car, cop does nothing.

On June 16th, in Gainesville Florida,I arrived at the gym at approximately 9:55pm,about eighty degrees outside, getting out of my car I hear barking to look over and see a dog sitting in a car with nobody in the car and the window cracked a tad. I decided to call

HAPPY ADOPTION: Bo, A prize and gift

Bo came to us through Karen @caring4creatures. She was a pleasure to communicate through and delivered us our sweet and good natured ‘Bo’. Information about Bo was clear, honest and considerate. He is everything we hoped for and a true gentleman. We were told he was housebroken, good hearted and

Expecting a Baby: How About Your Pet Now?

  If you are expecting a baby, your life is about to change dramatically. While you have read all the books and set up your new baby’s room, you may not have thought about how to prepare your pet for the new arrival. If you think your world will be

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Trying to cram in a decade of thoughts into the time it takes the hair dye to cover my divine blondness on my head:) I didn’t respond last year for many reasons, but I want all of you to know that the little messages mean a lot. About 10 years

Pet Parenting 101: The Cost of Owning a Pet

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  I received an email recently from a prospective adopter. This man was inquiring about three particular dogs in our organization. I wanted more information from him, so I replied back to ask if he could call me to discuss those three dogs and his needs in more detail. His

Blessed with chickens

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Some eighteen months ago, I sat on a sunny weekend afternoon outside and while watching the dogs romp around and journaling, I made a mental commitment to stay in touch with the universe. Regretfully it did not occur; but now… I sit here now finally willing to be devoted to

Isn’t this the CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen?

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  “Kissing Puppies”! These babies are only ONE WEEK old! The pair are just two of the 7 in the litter from mommy Serenity. WE ARE NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR ALL 7. Contact us for more info!  

The Fencing in Complete!

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We have finally finished with fencing on the Caring 4 Creatures property!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to all of our WONDERFUL volunteers: Darryl, Bobby, Herman, Jose, Tia, and the three boys shown here who brought it HOME and GOT IT DONE!!! After 6 months, our fencing on the new property is finally in


As a practice, our organization places pets in real home environments until the pet is adopted. Unless there is an emergency need or dangerous situation, our pets are not crated or kenneled. We believe this leads to well adapted pets who are used to the same day to day activities