Dreamer’s Story

The momma, now named Dreamer (cuz her eyes are so dreamy) and her 10 babies are holding their own. One died (which made 11 babies in all) as a result of hypothermia. She was cold when picked up from Dekalb a/c and nothing could be done to bring her back.

Thanks for the outpouring of support for this dear momma who while she has nothing special about her; just another ga black dog, is very special. Her eyes tell a story of sheer terror, grief, and thankfulness and hope all at once.

Dreamer is in the home of a caring foster and all things possible will be done for her and her babies. She ate 4 pieces of chicken, a bowl of kibble and hot dogs filled with needed meds within the six hours of getting out of “Jail”. Seeing how tiny these pups are and how malnourished she is, I fear that none of the remaining babies would have been living come Monday.

I am thankful to Debbie for rushing there and pleading for them to unlock the doors at 4 pm and for Rachel and Cathy making a midnight run with me to hand the baton off. Dreamer was very fearful and was showing signs of aggression at Debbie’s so it was best to move her, heated crate, puppies and all into yet another transport vehicle and whisk her off to a more suitable situation.

Between the folks that were on the phone giving support, Stephanie, Fabi, Doris and even Jack from the UK, and the legs running on the ground, this family has a hope for a future. And thanks to all who are donating for their care as it will not be a cheap journey for this gang, but a most worthy one.

We will serve our part and it’s only with the kindness of those around us that we are able to help her to help her babies. There is no doubt that she is an exceptional mother and with support, they have a chance. Thanks to all of you…

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!


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  1. Nona says:

    I remember seeing this pregnant mama, the look on her face!!
    A day or so passed and suddenly I read comments she had her babies, and one did not make it. She seems like a good mother; but what stress she went thru up until she delivered.

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