Brulee’s Story

Meet Brulee. These are her before photos. This very sweet girl came to us in quite poor shape.

You can see here that she is severely under weight (although she is eating well now!) and had terrible glaucoma in one eye.

Sadly, the first part of Bruleeā€™s journey even now done has a long road to go too. Her eye removal to take away the incredible pain she was feeling from advanced glaucoma has been completed and she is recovering from that.

Her total bill without any blood work that could show some issues like Louise has, will be at least $1000.

Can you help?

Written by Caring 4 Creatures, Inc.

C4C. began in 2008 from a dream to better the lives of animals and their people. We exist to rescue as many lonely, broken and needy souls as we possibly can.

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