A day in my shoes

I spend my days with dogs.

I don’t share my home with animals; I live in a kennel. At least that’s what my husband says… and sometimes I mix in some people.

I start my morning doing the critical mass stuff but sometime soon after I try to read my devotional amidst a dog getting tangled in my patio chair or walking onto the table and spilling my tea or being distracted by a failed attempt of a leashed dog on my ankle trying to bust a cat or squirrel for walking in the yard.

I look forward to catching a coffee or tea on a trip to the vet and sometimes wait out the heat with a companion who draws attention to our rescue work in a real sense.

If I haven’t eaten granola bars on the run or a sandwich in the car I will oftentimes share a hard crust bread dipped in black bean soup on the patio of Panera with a furry friend who would never dream of dissing me for my odd culinary tastes.

When all is done and we are all spent from playing and working hard (or maybe just anticipating fun we haven’t had enough of yet) and look forward to another night of solid sleep, I try to curl up with my Little Miss, my old girl from Orlando with a torn up body and an all consuming soul and read for a while before retiring to the “littles” who cry if I don’t sleep with them; especially my 17 yr old doxy, Breeze.

I pass a few 50lb plus snoring goofballs in the hall and sneak back into the room to an adoring group of my darlings with a rescue or two mixed in for variety. (The cats are generally happy to see me, too, but don’t really pine for me unless I don’t show up with their can food in the morning. Such is the life of a cat.)

All is well since everyone else who must be kept separately are downstairs (they’ve all been walked out in front under a dark summer sky according to who they prefer to belong with at the moment; so feeling content that they have encountered their last seeking moment of the day and gone potty, they are all also counting sheep in a very safe place that they all call home for now….

And I am safe with them here with me as I live out this life that I have chosen and that I love sharing with them.

What better life could there be?

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!


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