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  • Posted: May 25, 2013 
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To preface this message, please make sure to read part one of this story first. This will help to tell the full story of why this petition of ours is so important.

To quote from that original article: At least 6 animals within our organization have passed their one year anniversary mark with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to these six, as well as many more who can’t wait for you to meet them!

Each of our pets has such a unique personality; it is so helpful to read about all of them before deciding which ones you would like to set up a meet and greet with.

  1. Mac – a Rottie mix boy who thinks he’s tough, but really he’s just a big, sweet baby who would guard his owner and protect him from harm with his own life, if tested.
  2. Hoss – a big 80 lb bully mix boy who loves little dogs and babies and feels the need to protect and kiss anything that moves. his name was Boss because he truly does want to police all others into behaving, but we renamed him because the more interesting and endearing part of his personality is that 70 of his 80 lbs is sheer mush. He is much like the character on the old show, Bonanza… too cuddly and innocent to be a boss. Hoss
  3. Hayden – a senior Husky mix who winks at you with his one lazy blue eye and lays into your heart with no effort at all. His original mommy died of cancer and he couldn’t be placed because he was supposedly “dog aggressive”. We took him in with a substantial donation so that we could build him his own sanctuary area all to himself; but then, we pleasantly found out, just like any creature who is loved well, that he could be rehabilitated into peacefully coexisting with the whole pack and genuinely enjoys most in the group. I love to watch him in his playful moments where he totally gives over to his puppy side and his incredibly cute mischievous nature makes an appearance. Hayden
  4. Baby G – Short for “Baby Girl” still, as always, shows her fearful side first; this dear girl is now going on her 3rd year with us. She is definitely tipping to the side of the scale that she trusts others more than ever and is open to giving into her curiosity and falling into the silken trap that only unconditional love can provide. She is more than ready to “become” someone else’s baby… AND she deserves so much more than she can ever get in this rescuer’s home. Baby G
  5. Molly – A beautiful Golden mix who is small in stature, but large in heart. Her background included some insane abuse the has caused a permanent sore on her heart that won’t heal. She is technically just barely a senior and has some joint pain that is somewhat premature. She displays a need to protect her personal space; but with as many as she is living with here, she certainly maintains a mostly balanced composure and has figured out a way to live in peace, both inside her own head as well as in the chaos that is mostly our life here. Molly
  6. Hardwick – A Lab/Pit boy who ran from me for 5 weeks before I was finally successful and drugged him to catch him. Darryl crawled under an ancient house to pull him out on a blanket, then we rushed him to the vet where his horribly embedded collar was removed. Under his hard and sealed exterior toward people, he runs with the pack like he grew up with them as babies. Tom and Denise, his foster parents, have totally won him over in their time with him. So, with time and patience, he will surely accept the people in his life, but he will never be completely “normal”… but who really is? That doesn’t change the fact that he is lovely and valuable and, even though he doesn’t realize it, he wants a permanent mommy and/or daddy to call his very own.

Three additional dogs are Loki, Sissy and Sprite whom we technically received over a year ago in March, 2012. But, because of severe fear issues, have only became adoptable within the last 6 months.

And another 40 or so are listed online… The list goes on and on…

I truly appreciate the fact that you have blessed me enough to read what I have to say… I beg that you will bare with me just a moment more. My life is rich and I hope to be here many more years fulfilling the purpose which God has placed me on this earth for. It is only with His strength and by His grace that I make it from one day to the next.


We will continue to operate this motley rescue as long as the Lord is willin”, without any regard for race/breed, creed or color. We love all creatures just the same! We hope to have in our lifetime, the vision God has given us for a refuge center that can house ALL creatures, human and animal, that are hurting and need healing.

In the meantime, I am happy to report that the albeit too small and mediocre washer and dryer is not only still running, but also doing 2 to 3 loads of doggy laundry each day (Praise the Lord!) and keeps putting out the soft (although worn) blankies that all dogs enjoy. It never ceases to amaze me how alike they all really are. If given the opportunity, they will crawl onto a cozy blanket and relish in its simple richness. In the end, my prayer is that each of you reading this would know what’s right in your knower, connect with your heart, and help just one of the pets posted on this blog.

By adopting, fostering, or posting their info to others in your network; sponsoring a medical need; or visiting / hosting a baby for a day/night/weekend (I will be out of town 6/6- 6/11 and could sure use some extra help then! The animals could all use a holiday right about now!) You could get involved by supporting our feeding program, repairing a fence, painting a puppy barn, pulling up old carpet and tack strip, sponsoring a heart-worm treatment (which is needed by the six we currently have that are heart-worm positive), sponsoring a monthly flea or heart-worm prevention, donating toward our almost $3000 balances at various vets, offering a professional service that could further our vision, volunteering at an event… or maybe even just gift one of these babies a new fuzzy blanket.

No single one of us, can do all things needed for such a great population of so many needy ones; but


Any size “something” is welcomed. PLEASE DON’T DREAM ABOUT WINNING THE LOTTERY. these guys don’t care about the lottery. They are in heaven just laying in a safe, loving place on a warm, cozy, and fuzzy blanket (and they’re even OK if it has holes).

Thanks from the bottom of this rescuer’s (mostly untidy, hole ridden, and imperfect) grateful heart… As always, I love you for loving them.

Written by Karen Ragusa

Karen has gracefully run this organization and watched it grow since 2008. She's seen it all over the years and loves to write about her adventures!

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