Gentle Giant

Here is a momma cat guest post by her foster Andrea:

Thank you for trying to help me find a forever home for Charlotte. Charlotte’s family (my neighbors), moved off and left her behind. It was about 5 months before I noticed her and she was skin and bones. I fed her outside for about 3 months, until I discovered she had given birth to kittens in my neighbors bushes. I have raised, socialized and found homes for all the kittens. Now I need to find a home for Charlotte.

I have had Charlotte, spayed, de wormed and shots updated. She has put on a good amount of weight and looks great. My Mother calls her the gentle giant. She has never tried to scratch or bite and when you hand feed her treats she is extremely careful not to get your fingers. She loves to be brush and petted as it triggers her purr box every time.

Something happened to Charlotte during the moths she was out fending for herself and it resulted in her being a little fearful. It did not take her long to begin trusting myself and my parents so I do not think it would take long for her to trust another family. A new family would need to work to with her until she begins to gain trust and learns that this is her new home. I have also noted that she trust women over men.

Charlotte is a sweet and loving cat who has been through a lot. She would make a great pet. I can be contacted to answer any questions at 678-200-8990.


Written by Caring 4 Creatures, Inc.

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