Dogs in hot car, cop does nothing.

On June 16th, in Gainesville Florida,I arrived at the gym at approximately 9:55pm,about eighty degrees outside, getting out of my car I hear barking to look over and see a dog sitting in a car with nobody in the car and the window cracked a tad. I decided to call animal services but animal services were no longer open and I was instructed by the voicemail to call 911. At 9:59pm I called the police department in a report of a dog being locked in a car without an owner anywhere near. The dispatcher got some information about the car the dog was in and said they were sending someone available.

Twenty one minutes go by and still no police officer, I have learned that brain damage in a dog can happen within fifteen minutes of being in a hot car. I called back the police department at 10:21 and stated nobody has yet to show up about the complaint I have made, the dispatcher explained there was only one available officer and she was coming from 13th street which is approximately 3.69 miles or six minutes. Finally at 10:38 an officer showed up by the name of Orengo, I explained what’s going on the cop looked in the car with the flashlight and found that there were actually two dogs in the car. The cop then said “It’s not an issue since the sun isn’t out and it, just rained so it’s cool out.” She said there wasn’t a problem and she would try to make contact with the owner. But this isn’t considered a criminal charge. The officer walked into the building, as I followed she found the owner sat down on the couch beside the owners and stayed for approximately 4 minutes.

The officer left the building at 10:45pm. The owners sat in the building after the officer left and laughed about the issue brought upon them, and yet lingered in the building acting as if they did nothing wrong. The owners finally decided to leave the building at 10:53pm.

Leaving animals left in a car for over an hour is animal abuse, especially in Florida where the temperature is 80 degrees. We need to step up and make it a law, so people will stop abusing animals.

Written by Caring 4 Creatures, Inc.

C4C. began in 2008 from a dream to better the lives of animals and their people. We exist to rescue as many lonely, broken and needy souls as we possibly can.

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