Adoption Information Guide


Want to make the best possible choice? Here are some tips:

1. The pet’s size, demeanor and background should fit with your family dynamic, life style and living situation.
2. Please pay close attention to pet’s with specific care needs listed: fenced yard needed, no cats in home, medical needs, etc.
3. We are EXTREMELY cautious of adopting puppies or kittens out to homes with small children. Please consider a young dog or cat first.
4. If you rent, some landlords have specific breed or size restrictions. WE WILL CALL YOUR LANDLORD PRIOR TO ADOPTION APPROVAL IF YOU RENT.
5. Some dogs require more activity and some are more laid back. Tell us about your daily routine and we’ll be happy to suggest who may be a good fit.
6. If you’re considering giving a pet as a gift: we will not approve ANY application without meeting the “Owner”.

Ultimately, please don’t make your choice solely based on who’s the cutest. We get to know these cats and dogs extremely well because we spend day and night with them. We put  A LOT of thought into our suggestions. Please keep an open mind… and heart throughout the adoption process.

Before you bring your new pet home there are a few items to purchase, plans to prepare and things to consider.

1. Food: Choose a QUALITY food. One that does not contain corn, soy, wheat or by-products. We can suggest plenty of good food options if you ask.
2. Bedding: Where will your pet sleep? If a crate is needed make sure to have this as well.
3. Leash, collar and harness, water and food bowls, toys and grooming tools. These are all a must.
4. Consider your plan for when you’re out of the house. Where will the pet stay? Make sure to have a plan for this before your pet comes home.
5. Outdoor area: Do you have a fence? Some dogs REQUIRE a fenced yard. Check for possible holes or damage to prevent your pet from getting loose.
6. Veterinarian: Don’t wait until an emergency happens to choose a vet! If you are considering adoption, then now is the time to start interviewing vets.
7. Vacation plan: Where will your pet stay when you leave town for work or vacation?
Will they travel with you? Will a family member watch them? Will you board them? Start looking around now to know your options.
8. Remember, emergencies can happen. It is ALWAYS a good idea to have back up plans in place for any situation!

Are you ready to begin the adoption process? Here’s what you can expect along the way:

1. View ALL of our pets and their profiles! This way you can make the best possible decision.
2. NEVER choose a pet based on looks. You (hopefully) wouldn’t do this with a spouse… please don’t make this how you choose your pet.
Remember, this is a LIFETIME commitment.
3. Come to our adoption days or set up a meet and greet to get to know the animals you are considering.
4. Complete the adoption application. We try to make this as easy as possible. You can either submit our online application, print your forms and upload them online, print your forms and email them or print your forms and deliver them to one of our volunteers.
5. Remember, some dogs or cats can get adopted very quickly. It is your responsibility to act quickly. We cannot hold or reserve pets.
6. Arrange a home visit. In order to approve your application we will need to view the environment in which the pet will be living.
7. Make sure to have all the necessary pet food and supplies on hand BEFORE your pet comes home.
8. Welcome your new pet to the family! We are able to transport. If you do not live in our area please contact us for more information.